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A piece of Art, a piece of the racing history!

Full size, scale 1:1,  Made by Lazze Jansson

To celebrate over 40 years of practicing metal shaping, 25 Years in Business and 20 years of teaching Hands On classes in Metal Shaping to people from all over the world, Lazze made a unique piece of Art.

It's an honor for Lazze to make a piece of Art in polished Aluminum of the most beautiful and most famous car in the world,

                                                               # 1 The 250 GTO Ferrari model from 1963! 

                                                   "In the memory of the past, saved for the future !"

In a very rare Limited Edition, only two more, # 2 and # 3 will be made, by "Lazze Jansson"

Lazze is well know all over the world for his metal shaping technique and with his 135 videos on youtube about Metal Shaping he helping people all over the world to have more fun and do better jobs and save time!

In 2007 Discovery channel made a program on American Hot Rod about his classes when Boyd Coddington sent two of his guys to take Lazze's class, Lazze have been on TV in Sweden as well and in many Car magazines both in USA and Sweden over the years.

On this webpage you going to find more one off a kind Art made from sheet metal by Lazze

It's so many beautiful car models that can be made in to a piece of Art, a new kind of Art med in sheet metal that's car related and always in a very limited edition or just one off a kind.

Hand made by " Lazze Jansson"

Please don't ask me to build a complete body, it's against the rules to make clone cars when they are so unique.

 I respect Ferrari and all car collectors all over the world and I'll Not make a complete car body!

Thank you, Regards Lazze Jansson